Houstonian Club initiation fees are increasing October 17, 2017

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According to the Center for Disease Control, since 1980, obesity rates for adults have doubled and rates for children have tripled.   80% of obese children become obese adults. Obesity is associated with diabetes, depression, and other health related illnesses.  In the age of video games, fast food convenience and technological advances, children tend to be less active and make unhealthy food choices.  Not to mention time constraints on parents to be proper role models and 24-hour supervisors. 

Not to worry. The Houstonian Fitness Department has several combatants to assist you in helping your child fight obesity.  One-on-one training may be the perfect remedy for motivation, knowledge and fun fitness for your child.  Plus, our trainers will be healthy mentors for your children and lead by example.  Many of our certified personal trainers are coaches, lead youth fitness programs like TriKIDs, and sports conditioning classes for children after school.  The children will learn the repercussions of being or becoming obese, but more importantly, will be motivated by the positive benefits of wellness. 

Our trainers work closely with our dietitians to monitor progress.  Personal training will help your children gain confidence, make healthier choices and learn injury prevention.  They will grow to see fitness as fun, rewarding and life giving! 

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