Our Food

At The Houstonian, we craft memorable dining experiences with only the freshest ingredients, daily baking, scratch cooking, and culinary creativity.

The seasonality of our menus is another reflection of this vision, providing great flavor and nutrition through the use of fresh, local and regional products, meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, spices and ingredients. We tend an on-site garden and strive for sustainability by processing and preparing food that doesn’t deplete natural systems. We also develop and cultivate knowledge-sharing relationships with regional growers and farmers from whom we purchase our food.

Our Experiences

We promise our guests authenticity and accuracy of our regional and themed menus, food, wines, spirits and beverages.

The culinary presentation will always reflect the powerful flavors, colors and aromas that are uniquely found and prepared in the region presented. Themed and category menus are carefully explored and updated to include classic and on-trend offerings.

Our People

We consistently deliver delicious and memorable food by empowering our seasoned chefs, cooks, bakers and culinary team to excel creatively. 

Our culinary team brings many cultures, work experiences and certifications to The Houstonian, and we celebrate their inspiration and contribution. Simply stated, we believe exceptional people is the key ingredient in creating unforgettable dining experiences. 

Our Culture

The mission of The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa is to make people’s lives better through business.