Trellis Custom Massage

Experience a customized blend of massage practices tailored to fit your individual needs on the day of your service. At the beginning of your service, you and your massage therapist will explore options to design your massage which may include aromatherapy or incorporate warm stones. Blending massage techniques that range from relaxing and therapeutic to stretching or deep tissue, you choose what will revive your mind and body. 

50 minutes $160
100 minutes $320

Swedish Relaxation Massage

This classic European full body massage utilizes long, comforting strokes to provide relaxation, improve circulation and ease muscular tension.

50 minutes $150
100 minutes $300

Mindful Touch Swedish Massage

The Mindful Touch treatment begins with an immersive virtual reality video and audio that invites one to focus on their breathing and body sensations. Once the short film is finished, the session continues with a delicate voice-over that helps one anchor themselves in the present moment and to experience a massage with absolute intensity using Swedish techniques.100 minutes $300

Thermal Sport Massage*

Thermal Sport Massage is the perfect way to spot-treat tight, swollen or injured areas. A self-heating mud is applied to affected areas of the body to detoxify and relax the muscles. A therapeutic massage completes the treatment using a cooling gel to reduce swelling and ease pain.

50 minutes $160
100 minutes $320

*Not intended for those allergic to iodine.