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Available Exclusively for Houstonian Club Members

If you were a kid, you'd want to be at The Houstonian this summer!

Art 101: Art in Nature

Join us for art outside. We will be learning how to turn nature in to brushes and paint and create works of art. Here we will be finding what we need for our art and creating art around the Houstonian. While on this adventure we will learn more about the natural art around us.

Art 101: The Masters

We will explore the different forms of art from a diverse variety of artists from Van Gough to Chihuly. Learning the great art masters and their styles to create masterpieces of our own. Parents be prepared to hang and display some beautiful pieces.

Art 101: Patriotic Art

Red White and Blue are not the only colors we will be visiting this week. While celebrating our patriotic sides after the 4th of July holiday we will be looking at some of the great patriotic art. We will even be starting with Betsy Rose’s American Flag and moving up to Shepard Fairey’s Hope poster (We will not be discussing politics just the art).

Jr. Art: Creepy Crawlers

Creepy crawlies coming out in creative pieces of art while learning about their special adaptations and abilities. This fun week of bugs and critters lets children explore their artistic sides while getting to know more about the bugs they are making.

Jr. Art: Mythological Creatures

Come with us on a magical exploration into mythological creatures and their special characteristics! The children will make not only a full collection of art based on these beautiful creatures but their own book of fairytale animals.

Cooking 101: Pack it up!

It’s time to pack your lunch! Prepare your own meals this coming school year and learn some fun new recipes to make to impress your class mates. From a new outlook on pizza to the classic BLT. Let’s make our lunches for fun!

Cooking World: Around Asia

Explore the culture and the food of Asia and surrounding friends. Here we will travel from the Philippians all the way to Turkey. Learning how to make these countries wonderful dishes and the amazing stories and traditions behind them.

Jr. Cooking: Jr. Chefs

Here we will be conquering snack time! Here we will be creating fun and yummy snacks to make at home. After this fun week our junior Chefs will be able to help out a little more in the kitchen!

Cooking 101: Family Meals

Mom and Dad have had a long day let’s learn how to make dinner for your family. Create throw in the oven casserole dishes for the entire family to enjoy together as well as lemon chicken and potatoes. Let’s make family time delicious!

Cooking World: Alô South America

Join us in a trip around the continent of South America! Did you know there are twelve countries in South America? We will get to explore five of these tasty countries, discovering appetizers to desserts fare.

Come and explore with our ground crew here at the Houstonian. We will get to see some of the unseen beauties of the campus and help create some botanical creations. At the end of this great outdoors adventure the camp will be planting a tree together that they can watch grow as they grow here at the Houstonian Club.

Rock A Rim - This is a three-hour camp where participants will learn basic fundamentals of the game, which include passing techniques, dribbling, ball handling, proper shooting form, offense and defense principles and much more. The camp offers games and competition to ensure the children apply the fundamentals they have learned during the camp. The children will be divided by skill level. This camp will keep your children having fun this summer.

Prepare to be exhausted after this camp of sports conditions, self-defense, and Houstonian ninja training. Get to know some of our amazing trainers here at the Houstonian and learn the correct way to exercise and stay strong. So it is time to start training and building your strength for this ultimate camp.

Campers will have the opportunity to explore all the sports we offer here at the Houstonian and more. We will learn and work hard at becoming better soccer players, basketball players, volleyball player, football players, track runners, yogis and becoming even better at kickball. We will get competitive and every week will end with a full competition and party.

Mornings consist of themes below, afternoons start at 12:30 after lunch. In the afternoons we will have down time until 1:30pm. After that we will have snacks and then we then play games, read a book and do a craft based on that book.

Week 1: Bubble

Pop! Pop! Pop! This is a wonderful week where we will have fun, get messy and getting a little creative with bubbles. The kids will enjoy some exciting experiments where we will get hands on with the experimentations.

Week 2: Into The Wild

Elephants, monkeys, and zebras, oh my! This week we become zoologists and study animals from all over. Be ready to get creative and go outside in this week long exploration into the animal kingdom.

Week 3: How to Camp

This week will mainly be outdoors exploring, learning, and being creative with nature. We will take a trip back a long time ago when the Karankawa Native Americans lived here in the Houston area.

Week 4: Around The World

We are traveling the world in just one week! Exploring the games, activities and art projects of South America, Germany, Italy, Africa, and China.

Week 5: Under The Sea

Hold your breath and dive in with us to the wonderful world of marine biology. We will take an adventure in the different waters of the world and explore the animals and creatures there.


Week 6: All About Me

I am wonderful. I am different. I am amazing. This week we are exploring what makes us, us. Kids will take pictures, make art, and do activities to learn more about themselves.

Week 7: Sports

Are you good at a sport? Let’s find out with this ultimate week of sports. We will be not only learning about and playing many different sports but we will be working on team building exercises and being a real team player!

Week 8: Pirate Beach Party

Yo-ho, Yo-ho a pirates life for me. Set sail and explore beaches with us. We will create our pirate gear and play beach games. Most importantly we will be going on a treasure hunt around the Houstonian.

Week 9: Super Hero

Who is your hero? We will work on our ninja star throwing, super strength, flying, and our bad guy capturing skills. Be ready to drop off your child and pick up a defender of justice!

Week 10: Theme Park Fun

Celebrate a week of theme park fun without even leaving the Houstonian! Time to make your tickets and come to your own theme park. Lots of carnival games and prizes to create and win.

Crazy Chemworks

Shake up a flask of fun in the lab as a junior chemist! These five half-days of chemistry are packed solid with cool reactions. Campers put on some goggles and change liquid to solid and back again. They get to handle laboratory tools, build and break molecules, and pick up some tricks on chemical changes.


From our Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system, this hands-on program sends children on a quest for exploration! Comets, planets, stars and more are all waiting to be discovered. Learn about the four forces of flight, the challenges of space travel, and explore the science involved in rocket construction as you build your own Skyblazer II Rocket™! Travel to the end of the rainbow and make a sunset, use your Bead Dipper™ to create a 3-dimensional glow-in-the-dark constellation, see comets up close as one is formed before your eyes, and take home your very own Catch-a-Comet™!

Wild Science

Nature is calling! Can you hear it? In this camp, children will go on a nature scavenger hunt, learn about the animal kingdom and discover how they can help protect our beautiful Earth! We will make paper, learn about recycling, dissect owl pellets and create the best ecosystem with all the information we will learn about our planet. Join us as we take a walk on the wild side and through science, learn to appreciate the world around us!

Secret Agent Lab

Look out 007 – the Mad Science Spy Academy is in session! Using powers of Observations and the Inspect kit, our young forensic scientists will have all they need to get started on their detective adventure. Become a super spy and learn clever ways of performing tasks in this hands-on view at the science that spies use. From decoding messages to metal detectors and night vision, campers will have the opportunity to check the out spy equipment and step in to the shoes of a spy in action!

Robots on the Rampage (ROR)

Join us on an adventure that requires creative thought, time management and team communication as groups build a diverse range of off-road vehicles that battle other robots, race against the clock and play tug of war! This class will discuss drive and follower gears and the various ranges of gear ratios. Can a fast vehicle out perform a robot with lots of power? Here is your chance to learn which gear ratios are associated with speed or torque. Chaos and Havoc rule the day in this ruckus of Robots on the Rampage.

Junkyard Battle Royale (JBR)

Things on the golf course just aren’t the same since Lego Robotics have taken over! The holes having moving machines/obstacles and the par just keeps raising. Students will use their imagination and creativity to design and modify unique golf holes on most days. When students are not golfing, they are fighting for the most golf balls with Crabs in the sand trap and having a Golf Cart show down (maneuverability race and battle). Not only do you create your own golf course anew with different obstacles, but teams build and modify a Lego club too. On the last day, the 18th Hole, build a Hole-in-One Catapult! Go for a Hole-in-One! Go for the Robotic Golf Open!

Swim Camp is run weekly this summer. In case of weather children will be moved inside to Racquet ball court 2 to do swim safety crafts and swim safety games. Class will be cancelled at noon due to weather. Parents have the option of picking up their child or letting us care for them for the full weekly price. Select the level you believe your child would be classified under. You can choose to have your children stay until 2pm for $50 for the week.

Level 1

Beginner/Novice group: This is for beginners where we will be learning how to safely enter the water, floating on front and back, rolling over and introduction to freestyle. They also will participate in a safety day where they will learn rules and how to safely have fun while visiting the pool.

Level 2

Intermediate: Must be able to float on their back independently, breath without assistance and swim 25 yards independently.

Level 3

Advanced: Must be able to swim 25 yards independently, swim freestyle 12 ½ yards and backstroke 12 ½ yards.

Padel, Swim & Tennis Camp will help children develop their hand-eye coordination, forehand, backhand, overhand serves. Drills based on skill level. Swimming is included in this camp.

Tennis Camps are exclusively designed for children of Houstonian Club Members. Tennis Camp will help children develop their skills in tennis, hand-eye coordination, forehand, backhand and overhand serves. Drills based on their skill level.

Extended Drills assists children in their further development of their skills in tennis, hand-eye coordination, forehand, backhand, overhand serves. They will work on game-like situations on the court.


Houstonian summer camp programs are popular with kids and parents alike. The variety, intensity, camaraderie and sense of caring make for happy (and very well exercised) children.

For more information contact, our Youth Manager at 713.685.7911.