Houstonian Club initiation fees are increasing October 17, 2017

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For teenagers in the twenty-first century, their physical appearance, or body image, plays a vital role in their daily lives. The Houstonian Club Fitness Department offers some amazing tools to help teenagers learn how to deal with the self-esteem issues that naturally come with being a teenager. 

One of the biggest tools that teenagers can take use is Personal Training. Having a coach or trainer one-on-one can give a teenager the confidence he/she needs to succeed. Personal Trainers at The Houstonian Club are skilled in teaching teens the value of proper exercise techniques to lose weight and to get on a regular exercise programs that they can be confident in. Trainers also coach the teen on how to live a healthy active lifestyle away from the video games and television.  The Personal Training Department also teams up with Nutrition Department in teaching teenagers how to eat smaller meals and a very well balanced diet of lean meats, vegetables and fruits. Having access to these tools at a young age will help develop habits of proper nutrition and exercise techniques that will be with our teenagers all their lives.

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