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The Houstonian Club is home to the United States Padel Team, currently ranked 8th in the world. Private and group lessons are available for all levels. The club has two international Padel courts that are lighted and have a synthetic grass surface . For reservations or more information on these programs, please call the Racquet Sports Department at 713.685.6847 or contact Mike May, Racquet Sports Director at 713.685.6980 or mmay@houstonian.com.

What is Padel?

Padel is a unique sport that combines the best elements of tennis, racquetball, and squash while eliminating the frustrating aspects of those three sports. As a result Padel is an exciting, enjoyable, competitive, social, entertaining to watch, and fun to play sport.  Padel is played by four players in teams of two. The scoring is the same as in tennis. Play begins when the serving team serves the ball underhanded into the service box of the receiving team. After the return the ball can be volleyed, smashed or ground stroked. After the ball is struck it must travel over the net and hit the court surface. Once the ball hits the court surface players can opt to let the ball bounce against back walls, sidewalls, or the side wire fence and then play it back across the net. The players have two chances to hit the ball, one before the ball reaches the walls/fences and one after the ball bounces off the walls/fences surrounding the Padel court.

Why is Padel so great?

The social aspect of padel on a smaller court makes the sport more personal.  There is a lot more action as well since there is not a lot of time between points like tennis. 

Who can play Padel?

Padel can be played by everyone. People of all ages, sex, and/or physical condition play Padel.  Men, women and children can all enjoy playing together since padel is easier to play than tennis.

Why are our facilities and instructors the best in Houston?

We have the best facilities in Houston as padel is just one of the many great amenities that The Houstonian has to offer.  Many people break from the padel courts to go to the pool and take a dip to cool off, grab a margarita and return back to the courts to play some more.  Our instructors have been trained by Mike May, USA Team member since 1993 and President of The United States Padel Association since 1998. 

How can Padel benefit everyone?

Padel can benefit anyone who is looking to get fit while having fun, learning something new and making new friends.  Our padel community has created friendships that will last a lifetime on and outside of the courts of The Houstonian Club.

Where will Padel be in the next 5 years in this country?

In the next five years, padel will be a household name in The United States. The word is traveling across the country and investors are calling asking how they can start padel in their area.  The US will see more tournaments, leagues and socials uniting people in common to have the time of their life learning a new sport.