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The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa is proud to take an active role in saving our environment and reducing our carbon footprint – all for the betterment of our future. 

These initiatives are the result of input from nearly 20 representatives throughout the campus, for the hotel, club, spa and our 18-acre grounds.

Such initiatives at the Club include:
• Replaced older boilers with more energy-efficient boilers
• Recycle folding tissue and folding products that come from Sports Shop vendors 
• Provide all employees a polycarbonate water bottle to help reduce the number of cups made of other materials
• Provide recycle containers for recyclable items throughout the Club
• Use rechargeable batteries in the equipment
• Purchase mostly compostable or recyclable consumer items
• Refrain from printing unnecessary copies of documents
• Have installed digital signage
• Have converted to LED lighting, which produce virtually no heat, nor contain any mercury or poisons, making them safer than halogen, CFL and incandescent light bulbs
• Offer conveniently-located bicycle racks
• Use the Green Seal Certified cleaning products, which contain no phosphates, caustics, silicates, butyls, nonylphenols, nonylphenol ethosexylates or cleating VOCs, and are packaged in recyclable packaging

Those at the Hotel include:
• Repaired roofs by using light-colored reflective materials to minimize infrared heat transfer absorption
• Installed occupancy sensors in guestrooms, which communicate to an energy management system to reduce power consumption in unoccupied rooms
• Installed Phillips 42-inch LCD Energy Star-rated TVs in guestrooms
• Installed window insulation in guestrooms for decreased heat transfer
• Installed weather stripping on all guestroom doors to provide more efficient climate control in the corridors
• Replace bed sheets and towels only upon guest request
• Use green seal-certified cleaning chemicals in Housekeeping and Laundry 

At Trellis the Spa:
• Donate all used and damaged towels, robes, linens, massage cradle covers and mitts, among other items
• Remove unnecessary florescent and recessed lights to directly affect ambience and indirectly, cost
• Replace small, single-use bottles in showers with large, multi-use bottles, which will reduce the cost of purchasing large, concentrated bulk orders of shampoo, conditioner and body wash, as well as reduce waste through elimination of discards of small, single-use bottles
• Developed organic facial, body treatment and day package to address awareness and demand
• Switched all massage creams to an organic product, regardless of type of treatment performed
• Confirm appointments with clients via e-mail
• Expanded available selection of green-friendly retail products and clothing
• Distribute  recyclable heart-shaped seedling packets in all gift bags or promotional giveaways

On our Grounds:
• Treat pests only when their presence is deemed a nuisance or threat thereby reducing the introduction of toxins into the ground (IPM)
• Use a rain-sensing irrigation system that prohibits watering during periods of rain
• Filter run-off water from the loading dock and construction areas through hydrocarbon
• Supplement the fertility program with eco-compatible products, such as discarded egg shells and coffee grounds from the kitchen

Throughout the Campus:
• Use low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint for all paint projects
• Install high-efficiency lighting
• Added film to all exterior windows, which offers greater energy efficiency
• Undertake recycling of paper goods in nearly all departments
• Provide digital distribution of daily reports
• Constructed a central laundry plant with water and heat reclamation and lower energy consumption systems
• Replaced Styrofoam cups with Biodegradable corn-product cups
• Donate equipment to other organizations, or to scrap metal locations to be melted down and reused
• Use double-sided pages for large paper copying and distribution
• Consolidate purchasing to save on delivery costs