Evangelia Grell

 If you’ve attended a beautiful wedding at The Houstonian in the last decade, it’s very likely that Evangelia was responsible for that magic. The daughter of a tight-knit Greek family with a gift for hospitality, Evangelia learned early on that the best memories are made when we’re surrounded by loved ones. Having, quite literally, grown up here, The Houstonian is more than a home for Evangelia – it’s an institution that represents the best that Houston has to offer. Her passion for creating dream events, her love of family and tradition and her creative eye for innovation and personal touches make each event planned by Evangelia distinctive, memorable and uniquely reflective of her clients. 




Amanda Fontela

Amanda knows that the recipe for success lies within bringing the different aspects of event coordinating together like ingredients to a favorite dish. A Certified Le Cordon Blue Chef, she delights in making dreams come true for her clients.  Amanda has traveled the world – from South Africa to Europe,  and after transitioning from Chef to event planner, she has been creating amazing weddings and events at The Houstonian for over a decade.  Her positivity, charm and industry know-how puts clients at ease, knowing they are in good hands.